Egyptian Topic Day Year 3 and 4

Lesson: History

Class: Mrs Thomas Year 4 MOUNT PLEASANT Year: 2019 - 2020

The children had a wonderful day last week!

They moved around 4 activities and have produced some beautiful work for their books. Hopefully they came home full of new facts and were eager to share this with you. 

Activity 1: The children learnt about the different crowns of Egypt. We then took pictures of their side profile and they drew on the crown they would have chosen to wear if they had lived in the Egyptian times. Try asking if they can remember who wear the Hemhem Crown and the Double Crown?  

Activity 2: The children learnt about how the pyramids were made and how amaing they are to have been built in a time of no machinery. They then worked together to build pyramids from duplo, knex, lego, card, art straws and much more!

Activity 3: The children put their drawing skills to good use to create a beautiful Egyptian sunset picture. They drew the landscape of Egypt in black marker pen then using an ink wash created a sunset background. 

Activity 4: The children learnt all about Tutankhamun and then wrote a factfile about him on a scroll. See how much they can remember about this very famous pharoah.

Finally ... ask your child to sing you the song about cleopatra - it is fabulous!

A big thank you goes to the staff for making the day so special for the children but mostly to the children for being so sensible and passionate about their learning all day! 

A wonderful day was had by all. 


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