Blitz Workshop

Lesson: History

This term we have been learning about WW2, how it started, why it started and the effects it had on our country and its people.We have specifically been focussing on evacuation and the Blitz. The pictures below are from our evacuee day and Blitz day.

On our Evacuee day we came into the classroom and the tables were set out in rows just like they would have been during WW2. We had air-raid drills where the siren went off and we all had to hide under the table. We also tasted some WW2 rationed foods such as; eggless cake, spam sandwiches and we even made carrot cookies. We created our own propaganda posters to boost the morale of people in Britain and we wrote a postcard home to our parents. 

On the Blitz day, Mr B cam into school to share with us lots of information about the Blitz. He also brought in some WW2 artefacts for us to look at. We learnt how to do first-aid and how to put out a fire. We had a brilliant day and learnt lots of new information about WW2.