Mrs Manfredi's Year 5/6 Maths Class 2018 - 2019

Mrs Manfredi

Dear parents/carers,

Given a number of children misplaced their homework last week, I will try to include it electronically here each week. Moreover, I will also attach resources which may be of benefit to your children should they require extra practise on a topic.

To this end, I have attached a multiplication wheel, which I believe may benefit all the children when practising their time tables. Please only practise the times tables that your child finds difficult as they should by year 6 know them all by rote. This is crucial knowledge for our future work on multiplication, division, BIDMAS, fractions and ratio.

As highlighted we will be issuing maths homework every other week (so to this end it will be a double dose, but should take no more than an hour to complete). Any additional homework set will be a maxmium of 1/2 an hour. 

Moreover as discussed at parents evening I have also attached extra homework for my year six children. This additional homework is simply a revision of work previously covered this term. There is no new learning and it should just aid long term retention of concepts.

Please do not spend any longer than the allotted time on the homework. I am not expecting children to complete the whole sheet in the given time. Just have a proper go at it in the time set (spend 20-mins maximum on each sheet).

It would be helpful if they can attempt the homework over the weekend, so if they find a particular topic tricky, despite it being a recap, they can come in on Monday with a note of where they were up to in the time and any problems encountered (that way I can allocate time on Tuesday lunch-times at 12:00 pm to cover any issues). 

We also run a homework club on Thursday lunch-times with Mrs Jones. Please encourage you child to use this provision if needed.

Should you have any concerns regarding your child/homework please do not hesitate to contact me.

Kind regards

Mrs Manfredi



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