Year 6 English

Date: 2nd Oct 2016 @ 1:34pm

This week we have been inspired by our class text - The Blitz Diary. We have read up to the part where the first night of heavy bombing in London began in September 1940. This week we have been learning about diaries, building up to writing our own next week.

On Friday, our classroom turned into 1940's London: it had an Anderson shelter in the corner, the sound effects of the sirens, German planes and heavy bombing, blacked out windows, and plenty of images of fire, planes and the red sky. We moved around in groups to experience each of the different aspects of London during the Blitz and came up with some excellent descriptive words together that we could use in our diaries. Some of our favourites were words such as 'intense', 'lost' and 'billowing'.

We will keep you posted with our progress!

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