What have we been doing the last couple of weeks?

Date: 12th Oct 2016 @ 7:23pm

The children have been looking at clues in history and how long the Stone Age period of history was in comparison to more recent history. They have also watched videos on Mesolithic and Neolithic Stone Age and made notes of the main differences and similarities across both periods. They even had a visit from Mr & Mrs Trevor, who showed them historical artifactsincluding a range of flint tools used in the Stone Age. They even had a surprise Stone Age visitor and got to have their photos taken with him, in our Stone Age roll play area!

Over the last few weeks we have also been drawing and inking our monochrome pictures of animals and birds, that would have been present in Britain during the warmer parts of the Stone Age. Check out or gallery to see the pictures in detail!

Today was exciting, as not only have we finally completed our art work today, we also had our first experience of Google Expeditions! It was great fun - we were all super excited - even the staff! Afterwards we drew life sized pupils and split them into half skeleton and half a drawing of the child and their clothes. We then labelled the main bones in our body and put the life size pictures on display in the class room!


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