Trip to the Harris Museum

Date: 12th Dec 2018 @ 8:39am

On Thursday 29th November, Miss Rigby's class and Mr Roycroft's class went to the Harris musuem in Preston, to learn about the Stone Age and the Bronze Age. First, we were archaelogists and we had to find to find the remains of animals. We worked in groups to find the different bones and then we put them together. Next, we had to work out which animal it was, which was quite tricky. 

After that, the lady took us to look at a real skelton of an elk. We could not believe that it was over 12,000 years old! We were surprised that the whole skeleton was there and the lady suggested that this might be because the Stone Age people had injured it, but hadn't caught it to eat. The lady showed us some Stone Age and Bronze Age tools and she was really impressed with how much we already knew about the Stone Age and the Bronze Age. 

After lunch, we had a look around the rest of the musuem and sketched some of the pottery and paintings that we saw. It was a fantastic day and we learnt lots of new facts about how the Stone Age and Bronze Age people lived.

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