Tattenhall Residential 2016

Date: 24th May 2016 @ 8:16pm

Day 1:

First day has been wonderful so far!

We arrived at 10am and had a safety tour.

We spent the day dancing through the British eras; 1920s The Charlston, 1950s The Jive, 1960s The Twist and 1970s Disco! The children then put it all together and performed for each other. 

The sun has been shining and we have had lots of fun outdoors, including our picnic lunch. 

Tea was lasagne or sausage and mash the children ate it all up and had plenty of room for chocolate cake and custard!

After tea we enjoyed toasted marshmallows round the campfire while singing songs.

We are now watching a film before bed.

The children have been so well behaved, lots of smiles all round! 


Day 2:

The children slept from 10.30pm until 6am, with some children needing waking at 7am!

We had a yummy breakfast then got started on our busy day. The Year 2 and Year 1 children were so happy to see each other again. 

The Art and Soul man taught us about the Holy Trinity and we created artwork to show the Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

We continued to learn British dance moves but this time choregraphed moves to current pop songs ... Ask your child  to show you!

The children played team games and went orienteering.

What a wonderful residential with lovely, happy and polite children, thank you everyone!


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Ruth Wood wrote:

Thank you so much, very reassuring to see. Lovely photos! Hope you all have a good nights sleep 😀

Nicola Rice wrote:

This looks excellent. Our house is very quiet and strange!! Thank you to all the staff for providing the children with these lovely memories xxx

Paige and Bailey Eddleston wrote:

Great pictures we have enjoyed looking at them with mum. We hope Ruby and all the other children are asleep by now. Enjoy the rest of your stay.

Kathryn Cann wrote:

Lovely to see you all having such a great time x

Miss Phillips wrote:

10.30pm and all is quiet in the Tattenhall house! 😀

Rebecca Lewis wrote:

Lovely pictures. Looks like all had great fun. Thanks.

Mark & Gwenda Goodman wrote:

Looks like a fun filled day! Hope they are asleep by now (10.55pm)!

Sue and Gary Isted wrote:

Lovely photos - thanks. Enjoy the rest of the afternoon.
Thanks for the updates too!

Kathryn Alexander wrote:

Thanks for the photos and updates, looks like all having a great time.

Sue and Gary Isted wrote:

Thanks for the photos they are lovely. You all look like you are having a lovely time!
Thanks again.

Mark & Gwenda Goodman wrote:

Thank you to all the staff - Freddie had a great time. He was very tired this evening!

Gaby wrote:

wow they are really good and really nice