Spaceman in School!

Date: 7th Jun 2016 @ 4:47pm

Today Spaceman Mr Bee crash landed into the Bull's Head on his way back from a mission to the moon. He stumbled upon Davenham Primary School and hoped the children could help him fix his rocket. Mr Bee told us all about the mission him and Space Ted had been on to the moon looking for flying saucers! (The sherbert kind of course) The children learnt about the gravity on the moon, a spaceman's suit, the temperature in space, astronaut food and what happens if an astronaut sneezes in his helmet! The children had the chance to ask lots of questions. They then played a supersonic space game with Mr Bee's stomp rocket! What a wonderful day! We hope Mr Bee managed to fix his rocket and fly home and the Bull's Head is back open for business!

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