Our World War 2 Theme Day

Date: 19th Sep 2016 @ 8:10pm

Thank you to all for making such an exceptional effort - you all looked like the perfect evacuees! And thank you for the delicious bakes - who knew rationed food could taste so good?! 


We have had a great day. We started off the day by arriving in the country ' by train' and meeting our 'new teachers'. We went over some of the rules for the day, including what to do in the event of an air raid. Luckily we practised, as within about 20 minutes, the sirens went off and we had to get under the tables and cover our mouths and noses. We also taste tested and evaluated the food that some people had baked at home and bought in - they were all delicious and made great use of the harsh rations. 

In maths, we baked carrot cookies in groups . We weighed the ingredients using metric scales and followed the instructions carefully with our groups. 

We ended the day by writing a postcard home to our loved ones. We thought hard about how it would have felt being an evacuee and what it would have been like to be sent away from home on their own. Watching a historic video and a real life account of the life of an evacuee made us all feel quite emotional, and thankful for our safety. We ended the day by saying a prayer for those children in other countries who, due to war and conflict, have been evacuated from their homes and sent away from their families. 

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