Our First Week in Year 6 - R.E

Date: 13th Sep 2016 @ 3:01pm

Our whole school RE topic this half term is Good News. We started our year by sharing our good news. We were all so happy to hear the good news from people's families and friends from over the holidays. Even Miss Sutton had some to share!


We were shown Holman Hunt’s Jesus Light of the World painting and we had to discuss what we felt this lesson would be about: none of us were sure. We then discussed as a class what metaphors are and if we were to compare ourselves to different objects, what we would be. We then discussed the different uses of light and the different forms of light: natural, man-made, renewable. Miss Sutton then showed us the quote from John 8:12a that read Jesus said ‘I am the light of the world’. We reflected back on what we had just been discussing and began to think about what Jesus meant by this metaphor. We believed it meant that he could lead Christians through the darkest of times into lightness again, that he was a guide, a saviour, and that he cared for us and kept us safe.

We then looked at Holman Hunt’s picture again and discussed why it was called ‘Jesus as Light of the World’ and why this was good news. We believed he may have been knocking on the door to bring good news or safety/positivity.

We then took apart the painting and each sketched our own part before rebuilding it on our wall. This signified that Jesus’ love and guidance can always be rebuilt and found again.

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Mr Steve HART wrote:

Congratulations, Miss Sutton!