Miss Phillips' Big Maths Class September 2016

Date: 29th Sep 2016 @ 6:40pm

My 'Big Maths' class are learning Stage 2 maths.

They have settled really well and are already starting to tackle some tricky maths!!

Over the past couple of weeks we have ...


- Learnt our number bonds (pairs of numbers) to 10, to 20 and even to 100!

For example: 6+4=10 / 16+4=20 / 60+40=100


- We have ordered numbers using the 'More than >' 'Less than <' and 'Equal to =' symbols.

For example: 2 < 7                16 > 4                     2+2 = 1+3


- They have explored 2D and 3D shapes and named them, described them and sorted them!

Have a look at the pictures of them busy at work.


Finally they are beginning to work on their mental maths skills through weekly skills checks every Friday. I have attached a copy of check 1 so you can see what sort of skills the children will be learning.


A very busy half term so far, well done children!

Miss Phillips


Some super maths websites ...




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