Blitz Workshop

Date: 13th Oct 2016 @ 5:09pm

We enjoyed an incredibly interesting day when Mr B came in to lead our Blitz workshop. 


We spent the morning creating a human timeline of World War Two and acting out the major events including The Battle of Britain and the causes of rationing. We then spent time in groups looking at a huge range of WW2 artefacts including shrapnel, uniforms, evacuee suitcases, bomb shells and morse code, to name a few. It was so interesting and we even got to try things on to gain experiencal learning. 

In the afternoon we learnt about first aid during the war and practised on each other. We also learnt how to blackout the windows quickly using black card and masking tape and put it to the test of a torch. We then used a real 1940s water pump and hose to practise putting out the fires. 


Overall, the day was definitely incredible and we all learnt so much.

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